Quality and Durability Automotive Vinyl Tops Materials

We carry Haartz Top, you will get the quality and durability you are looking for at fair price at Santa Barbara Upholstery Supplies in Las Vegas, NV. We are proud to offer products of high quality of Haartz topping automotive vinyl materials in Tuxedo, Levant, Eik, and Corsica grains - in the colors you are looking for.

Automotive Vinyl Tops

The Best of The Best Materials

Our star material for automotive vinyl top is Haartz a gold standard for replacement and restoration vinyl top material, and is the designated supplier of convertible topping fabric for virtually every U.S automaker.

Get to Know Ours 5 Elegant Patterns

  • Eik (49 inches wide)
  • Levant (49 inches wide)
  • Corsica (60 Inches wide)
  • Tuxedo (60 inches wide)
  • Boar

Are You Looking for a Touch Collector or a Modern Car looking

Whatever you are looking to add a classic touch to a collector car or to a current model car.. Santa Barbara Upholstery Supplies in Las Vegas, NV.  We carry all material for you to choice-matching authentic and factory-correct vinyl materials and grains. You can create a totally new look with the different materials we carry for you.

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