Get a New Brand Looking Car with our Quality Carpet Materials

We spend most of our time inside your car, the cloth of your car could make it look as new or as old. If you only change the look inside your car, it will make it look as a brand new car, why go and buy a new car? Come and find a fine selection available of automotive carpet at Santa Barbara Upholstery Supplies in Las Vegas, Nv. 

Automotive Carpet

You will find a huge selection of Automotive Carpet at Santa Barbara Supplies in Las Vegas, NV.

All of quality products listed here are always in stock, if not we get them for you as soon as possible. If we don't have it, we get it!

Choose the style you are dreaming to ride.

  • We feature 72-inch black Challenger Carpet
  • El Dorado 80 Inches wide 10 different colors.
  • 80-20 Raylon Automotive loop carpet.
  • Bentley carpet 72 inches wide in 7 colors.

Prestige Euro Carpet

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If you are looking to renew your interiors car

Get it more beautiful , functional and brand new looking with our 80-20 Raylon automotive loop carpet, with is always poplar with the hot rodeos is a 40 inches wide and available in black and graphite.

You Always can get our Automotive Carpet Material in all sizes

You can get them in 80 inch rolls and we carry more than 15 different colors for you, we always have in stock in Santa Barbara Upholstery Supplies in Las Vegas

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